Liz’s signature class. This cardio workout blasts calories and trains your mind to focus on timing and movement precision while learning legit martial arts moves. Gloves are needed (you can also borrow some from Liz).
Circuit Training
A circuit of exercises that changes from week to week. Liz manipulates the exercises, timing and program so you get a great mix of strength and cardio. This class is based on metabolic conditioning.
Kickbox Fusion
This class is a combo of Boxing on heavy bags, learning fierce martial arts kicks, and blasting your core. (gloves and hand wraps needed)
Cardio Kickboxing
Shadow Boxing at it’s finest! Liz leads you through short kicking and punching combinations that you repeat until sweat is pouring off your body. This trains the body and sharpens the mind.
This class has nothing to do with drugs, alcohol or a designated driver. It is solidly focused on your core and your lower body.
A metabolic conditioning class that contains three combos of three to five exercises performed two times each. Depending on the focus that month, Liz switches up the details.
Pilates Fusion
Liz fuses her Pilates knowledge with her Dance background. Phenomenal for your core and inner strength.


5:15-6:15am Strike45! Eastside Martial Arts
6:30-7:15am Kickbox Fusion M/Body
5:15-6pm Body Burn M/Body
6:15-7pm Circuit Training M/Body
9:05-9:35am Rock Bottom Midtown Athletic Club
9:35-10:05am Cardio Kickbox Midtown Athletic Club
9am-10am Strike45! Eastside Martial Arts
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* Pilates and any other training for privates are available upon request.